Monday, August 31, 2009

Reminder Notice for September 1 Discussion

1) Meeting at our default landing point hosted by NOAA. Now and then, does anyone want to host us elsewhere?

2) We are using voice chat using headset. Everyone type important points and links into text chat, which will be archived into the blog. For documents and figures, please dump content and links into the blog prior to meeting, avoiding the flurry of emails. I will make fresh coffee for the group!

3) We have a blog site -- -- to which all of you have been invited as authors. Will be dump all our stuff here. Please monitor and contribute! It was closed, but no one showed now it is opened. Should we instead use Google Docs or Google Sites?

4) Two weeks ago, Cherisa had the idea of using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative ( as problem focus to investigate the conceptual/implementation issues of Immersive Intelligence within virtual worlds. Let's discuss. Scan the GGP website. Note the complexity of the data structures embedded in their "calculators". Reactions?

SL Happenings with Immersive Intelligence

- Check out the great blog by Jeff Lowe, a pioneer with the ThinkBalm community 
- See Erica's blog on the v-Business Community launched by IBM
- Must see the ThinkBalm "Bridge" video
- Must see David's Daden Space Island and their DataScape room.
- Great visit to Siemens' Virturea Island with Steve Russell. Thanks to Anders and Training-For-Success! We must f/u!
- Ben will coordinate with the Data Wizards Guild who meeting on Fridays
- Start as a subgroup of the ThinkBalm community and

Current List of Colleagues

Anders Gronstedt (SL: Anders Wildcat)
Ben Lindquist (SL: Arkowitz Johnson)
Benn Konsynski (SL: Rejin Tenjin)
Cherisa Burk (SL: Eulalie Karu),
Chris Bishop (SL: Christopher Express)
David Burden (SL: Corro Moseley)
Eric Hackathorn (SL: HacksHaven Harford)
Erica Driver (SL: Erica Burns)
John Jainschigg (SL: John Zhaoying)
Julie Fogg (SL: Violet Field) - INACTIVE
Keysha Gamor (SL: Virtuola Scientist)
Richard Hackathorn (SL: Hack Richard)
Robert Cohen (SL: Metro Troglodite)
Theo Callahan (SL: Theo Outlander)
Veonica Borrer (SL: Pooky Amsterdam)

Send corrections/additions to Richard, or make them yourself.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summary of August 25 Coffee

Attending were Ben, Richard, Erica, Pooky, Lilja Halberd, Eric. Ben demonstrated a visualization of global green house gas emissions. See
[7:57]  Hack Richard: hi Ben!!!
[7:58]  Arkowitz Jonson: hello
[8:00]  Hack Richard accepted your inventory offer.
[8:01]  Erica Burns: Morning, all.
[8:02]  Hackshaven Harford is Online
[8:03]  Erica Burns: Richard I just tried to access to the closed blog you set up for the immersive intelligence group but I don't believe I have access
[8:05]  Hack Richard:
[8:06]  Pooky Amsterdam: Ahoy!
[8:07]  Erica Burns: Good morning pooky
[8:08]  Erica Burns: I'm sppilling my coffee
[8:08]  Erica Burns: :)
[8:08]  Arkowitz Jonson: when done simply shout "totem_alldie"
[8:08]  Arkowitz Jonson: and then delete the original object
[8:08]  Hack Richard: hello lilja
[8:08]  Pooky Amsterdam:
[8:08]  Erica Burns: I saw the video about the midwifery
[8:09]  Erica Burns: Wonderful!
[8:09]  Erica Burns: I really enjoyed it
[8:09]  Hack Richard: Lilja - nice to join us for coffee!
[8:13]  Arkowitz Jonson: I think it is good to have both groups
[8:14]  Erica Burns: ah i see the slides now
[8:14]  Erica Burns: thx
[8:15]  Erica Burns: I really like the term immersive intelligence -- I've been wondering why the BI vendors aren't paying attention to this market, and getting involved.
[8:15]  Pooky Amsterdam: they dont understand
[8:15]  Arkowitz Jonson: I'm in talks with Cognos
[8:16]  Erica Burns: Terrific Ben!
[8:16]  Anders Wildcat is Online
[8:17]  Hack Richard: hello anders
[8:20]  Pooky Amsterdam: any other data to go with peaks?
[8:20]  Pooky Amsterdam: in other words what also concurred wiht peak in GG?
[8:21]  Pooky Amsterdam: yes certainly
[8:21]  Erica Burns: May I take snapshots?
[8:21]  Pooky Amsterdam: different areas also using electricity
[8:21]  Pooky Amsterdam: manufacturing is low in US right now
[8:21]  Hack Richard: ok with me!
[8:21]  Erica Burns: Thank you re: snapshots
[8:23]  Pooky Amsterdam: Ahoy Grey
[8:24]  Greyark Hightower: Morning
[8:24]  Hackshaven Harford: morning greyark
[8:24]  Pooky Amsterdam: where is farming on this?
[8:24]  Hackshaven Harford: cool graphing tec hfrom Arkowitz
[8:24]  Pooky Amsterdam: its fabulous
[8:24]  Arkowitz Jonson: agriculture now highlighted Pooky
[8:25]  Hack Richard:
[8:25]  Pooky Amsterdam: high in the EU
[8:25]  Arkowitz Jonson: yes compared to the us
[8:25]  Arkowitz Jonson: yes definitely
[8:25]  Pooky Amsterdam: thank you Richard
[8:26]  Hack Richard: bye all....
[8:26]  Arkowitz Jonson: and be able to answer the question: "how is my organization different or similar to others around the world?"
[8:26]  Hackshaven Harford: nice seeing you hack
[8:26]  Hack Richard is Offline
[8:26]  Pooky Amsterdam: which area of GG has the sharpest increase?
[8:26]  Pooky Amsterdam: ohits wonderfl ben
[8:27]  Hackshaven Harford: we got prims to spare
[8:27]  Pooky Amsterdam: nice dont hear that often
[8:27]  Greyark Hightower: Easy to have prims to spare when you own half a continent:)
[8:27]  Arkowitz Jonson shouts: totem_allreset
[8:28]  Arkowitz Jonson: some kind of lag or something
[8:29]  Arkowitz Jonson: I was able to work it but the objects are already created and owned by him
[8:29]  Lilja Halberd: What is the back end being used to generate this?
[8:29]  Lilja Halberd: is it a data file or a database?
[8:29]  Arkowitz Jonson: mysql
[8:29]  Lilja Halberd: ok
[8:29]  Arkowitz Jonson: totem_allreset
[8:30]  Pooky Amsterdam: the graphs were great to see in 3D
[8:30]  Arkowitz Jonson: well it won't make another one; that is annoying
[8:30]  Hackshaven Harford: paging greyark
[8:30]  Erica Burns: Arkowitz did you say that the data re: greenhouse gases is on a Web site?
[8:30]  Pooky Amsterdam: should we discuss what other layers we wan tto put over the gg data?
[8:30]  Arkowitz Jonson: yes; I got this all off a website
[8:31]  Arkowitz Jonson: yes Pooky that is a good idea
[8:31]  Pooky Amsterdam: what other numbers will give us soem "good metrics"
[8:31]  Erica Burns: Did you import the data into a spreadsheet? Or is it a live feed?
[8:31]  Arkowitz Jonson: totem_allreset
[8:33]  Arkowitz Jonson: nicht arbeit
[8:33]  Arkowitz Jonson: und mein ist sehr schlecht
[8:33]  Erica Burns: good point pooky
[8:34]  Arkowitz Jonson: ah I know what the problem is
[8:34]  Hackshaven Harford is all about instant gratification
[8:34]  Hackshaven Harford: dangerous question
[8:34]  Arkowitz Jonson: would one of you guys delete this purple sphere, the green one, and all the little prims inside it?
[8:35]  Erica Burns: Well, some of us still do that :)
[8:35]  Hackshaven Harford: I can return it :)
[8:35]  Hackshaven Harford: not delete it
[8:35]  Arkowitz Jonson: heh he will get 4000 prims returned to him
[8:35]  Hackshaven Harford: test
[8:36]  Erica Burns: This is one of the wonderful characteristics of this early stage market: the explorers share a sort of apprenticeship culture and mentality.
[8:36]  Jennette Forager is Online
[8:37]  Pooky Amsterdam: yes Erica & a shared experience makes for real bonds too
[8:37]  Erica Burns: Exactly right Pooky.
[8:37]  Pooky Amsterdam: if I could rez back time
[8:37]  slcicp: checking for sheep...
[8:37]  slcicp: rezzing 4000 sheep, boss
[8:38]  slcicp: 100 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:38]  slcicp: 200 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:38]  Pooky Amsterdam: yes
[8:38]  slcicp: 300 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:38]  Pooky Amsterdam: manufacturing
[8:38]  Pooky Amsterdam: raw material processing
[8:39]  Pooky Amsterdam: industry growth by secotor
[8:39]  slcicp: 400 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:39]  Pooky Amsterdam: personla computing
[8:39]  Arkowitz Jonson: the question was how do we explain the huge dip in ghg emissions by the russian federation
[8:39]  slcicp: 500 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:39]  Arkowitz Jonson: Pooky is suggesting other data which may expalin it
[8:39]  slcicp: 600 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:40]  slcicp: 700 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:40]  slcicp: 800 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:40]  slcicp: 900 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:41]  slcicp: 1000 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:41]  Hackshaven Harford: so much for
[8:41]  Hackshaven Harford: :) nope
[8:41]  slcicp: 1100 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:41]  Greyark Hightower: It may be the economist in me, but if people stopped doing something I look to see if they simple can't afford to do it anymore.
[8:41]  slcicp: 1200 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:41]  Arkowitz Jonson: good point Greyark
[8:42]  slcicp: 1300 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:42]  slcicp: 1400 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:42]  Erica Burns: Maybe in a circle around us?
[8:42]  Erica Burns: like a "bridge" (situation room)?
[8:42]  slcicp: 1500 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:42]  Arkowitz Jonson: question now is how to overlay or compare side by side the different datsets
[8:42]  slcicp: 1600 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:43]  slcicp: 1700 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:43]  slcicp: 1800 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:43]  Hackshaven Harford: yay open sim :)
[8:43]  slcicp: 1900 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:43]  Hackshaven Harford: indeed, sorry
[8:44]  slcicp: 2000 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:44]  slcicp: 2100 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:44]  slcicp: 2200 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:44]  Greyark Hightower: I've been doing a personal exodus to Champions Online just recently.
[8:45]  slcicp: 2300 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:45]  slcicp: 2400 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:45]  Arkowitz Jonson: phantom prims
[8:45]  slcicp: 2500 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:46]  slcicp: 2600 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:46]  Arkowitz Jonson: overlaying translucent prims
[8:46]  slcicp: 2700 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:46]  slcicp: 2800 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:46]  Pooky Amsterdam: alosphere fo data
[8:47]  Pooky Amsterdam: love that!
[8:47]  Erica Burns: Having the data be AROUND us really brings home the concept of immersion.
[8:47]  slcicp: 2900 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:47]  slcicp: 3000 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:47]  slcicp: 3100 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:48]  Hackshaven Harford: ouch
[8:48]  Hackshaven Harford: I like the totem pole idea
[8:48]  slcicp: 3200 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:48]  slcicp: 3300 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:49]  Hackshaven Harford: indeed
[8:49]  slcicp: 3400 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:49]  slcicp: 3500 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:49]  slcicp: 3600 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:50]  slcicp: 3700 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:50]  Greyark Hightower: I am thinking of Pooky's depth of color as density. And I like density-transparency as good ghg metaphor.
[8:50]  slcicp: 3800 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:50]  Arkowitz Jonson: now talking about fabricating totem poles representing a company's emissions IRL
[8:50]  slcicp: 3900 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:51]  Erica Burns: Maybe here's a good place for 3D printers to come in
[8:51]  Arkowitz Jonson: yup
[8:51]  slcicp: 4000 of 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:51]  slcicp: all 4000 sheep rezzed, boss
[8:51]  Erica Burns: Imagine using a 3D Printer to create a physical model of the totem pole, which could be put on a physical conference room table or up on a stage for a presentation.
[8:52]  Arkowitz Jonson: hackshaven would you delete this object up here owned by hack?
[8:52]  slcicp: checking for sheep...
[8:52]  cicp_prim: error: not enough cicp prims available
[8:52]  Hackshaven Harford: er...
[8:52]  Hackshaven Harford: where abouts now?
[8:52]  Hackshaven Harford: better?
[8:53]  Hackshaven Harford: was there going to be a graph?
[8:53]  slcicp: checking for sheep...
[8:53]  Arkowitz Jonson: totem_allreset
[8:53]  slcicp: sending reset to servlet, boss
[8:53]  Hackshaven Harford: doh
[8:53]  slcicp: checking for sheep...
[8:54]  Arkowitz Jonson: totem_allreset
[8:54]  slcicp: sending reset to servlet, boss
[8:54]  slcicp: checking for sheep...
[8:56]  slcicp: checking for sheep...
[8:56]  Arkowitz Jonson: totem_allreset
[8:56]  slcicp: sending reset to servlet, boss
[8:56]  slcicp: checking for sheep...
[8:57]  Erica Burns: wow
[8:57]  Erica Burns: I like watching it grow
[8:58]  Erica Burns: Arkowitz: what does this data show?
[8:58]  Hackshaven Harford: I remember in physics class we got zero credit without correct labeling
[8:58]  Hackshaven Harford: units units units
[8:58]  Hackshaven Harford: :)
[8:58]  Arkowitz Jonson: lol
[8:58]  Arkowitz Jonson: hover over any node to see the units
[8:59]  Hackshaven Harford is hovering
[8:59]  Hackshaven Harford: you mean click?
[9:00]  Erica Burns: I have to hop out of the meeting now, everyone.
[9:00]  Arkowitz Jonson: bye Erica
[9:00]  Erica Burns: Bye everyone, nice to see you.
[9:00]  Anders Wildcat: I have to jump out too, thanks!
[9:01]  Arkowitz Jonson: transportation in the US is a huge factor
[9:01]  Hackshaven Harford: so the US has some pretty big balls
[9:01]  Arkowitz Jonson: lol
[9:01]  Arkowitz Jonson: that we do
[9:02]  Arkowitz Jonson: bye Pooky
[9:02]  Erica Burns is Offline
[9:02]  Hackshaven Harford: I don't see a lot of change over time
[9:03]  Arkowitz Jonson: nope
[9:03]  Arkowitz Jonson: I call this the "futility graph"
[9:03]  Arkowitz Jonson: guess what folks: the sealevel WILL be a-risin'
[9:03]  Hackshaven Harford: hehe
[9:03]  Hackshaven Harford: glad I live in CO
[9:04]  Arkowitz Jonson: I'm about 200 feet above sea level right now in themountains of Florida
[9:04]  Arkowitz Jonson: precarious
[9:04]  Hackshaven Harford: mountains of Florida
[9:04]  Hackshaven Harford: best oxy moron I've heard today
[9:04]  Hackshaven Harford: Arkowitz, would you mind leaving this out for a bit?
[9:04]  Arkowitz Jonson: highest part of Florida... actually Tallahassee was built on seven hills supposedly
[9:04]  Arkowitz Jonson: yes I will leave this here
[9:05]  Hackshaven Harford: thank you

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Homework 2009_08_11

Problem Description
What's your topic?

Is it possible for us to work on?

Data Source
Is there a publicly available source of data _or_ is one obtainable for our use?

Method of Visualization/Sharing
What means will we use to share the data among ourselves and other interested parties? Prims, video, text, scultpies...

Notes from 2009_08_11

Great discussion this morning! 6 out of 8 could make it. Below underlined is preferred name.

Theo Callahan (SL: Theo Outlander)
Keysha Gamor (SL: Virtuola Scientist)
Veonica Borrer (SL: Pooky Amsterdam)
David Burden (SL: Corro Moseley)
Ben Lindquist (SL: Arkowitz Johnson)
Richard Hackathorn (SL: Hack Richard)

Absent were:

Julie Fogg (SL: Violet Field) -- conflict with another meeting
Chris Bishop (SL: Christopher Express)

1) We now have a closed blog -- -- to which all of you have been invited as authors. Dump all our stuff here. We will sort it out later. Please monitor and contribute!

2) Tuesdays at 8:00 am SLT seems like an okay time. We all will have conflicts. However, is this time BAD for anyone? If so, what is a GOOD time?

3) Our default SL landing point will be hosted by NOAA. Now and then, does anyone want to host us elsewhere?

4) HOMEWORK for next Tuesday: Ben suggested that we work on a problem, like healthcare or climate change. So, think about a hard problem about which we could do a proof of concept for Immersive Intelligence... giving it substance and value. Need rich data to visualize.

5) Pooky does a weekly show on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm SLT Stop by and support her!

6) Ben mentioned that the Wizard's Guild has similar interests and meets Fridays at 11:00 am SLT. We may consider merging or collaborating. I will check it out and report back.

7) BEST PRACTICES: Using voice chat using headset. Everyone type important points and links to text chat, which will be archived into the blog. For documents and figures, please dump content and links into the blog prior to meeting, avoiding the flurry of emails. And, someone make fresh coffee for the group!

Here is the text chat....................

[8:12] Hack Richard: Erica's video on the ThinkBalm networking...
[8:15] Virtuola Scientist: yup, hehe
[8:15] Hack Richard: :)
[8:15] Theo Outlander: some people might say we're actually Chimp 1.5
[8:16] Hack Richard: human 1.0 versus chimp 1.5
[8:16] Arkowitz Jonson: lol
[8:17] Virtuola Scientist: hehehe-peer pressure!!
[8:18] Theo Outlander: tech difficulties
[8:18] Hack Richard: tonight 7:00pm SLT - 1st Question
[8:19] Hack Richard: :)
[8:19] Hack Richard: that's okay
[8:19] Hack Richard:
[8:19] Hack Richard:
[8:21] Virtuola Scientist: Awesome! Congrats!
[8:23] Arkowitz Jonson is Online
[8:23] Hack Richard: Eric/HacksHaven at NOAA
[8:25] Hack Richard: welcome David
[8:25] Corro Moseley: hi all
[8:26] Corro Moseley: np
[8:26] Hack Richard: Ben... use II to show the power of 3D viz of a world problem
[8:26] Virtuola Scientist: yep
[8:28] Hack Richard is Offline
[8:28] Multi Gadget v1.57.1 by Timeless Prototype
[8:28] Hack Richard is Online
[8:28] Pooky Amsterdam: wb
[8:28] Hack Richard: sorry, crashed again........ :(
[8:29] Hack Richard: someone collecting the text chat? mine is trashed
[8:29] Theo Outlander: i can do that
[8:30] Hack Richard: I got a lot of climate change data
[8:30] Corro Moseley: yes that or the Millennium Deevlopment Goals would be obvious ones
[8:30] Pooky Amsterdam: climate change plus what though
[8:30] Hack Richard: one new forecasting system at NOAA is generating about one terabyte per 4 hours
[8:30] Hack Richard: actually it is every 6 hours
[8:32] Virtuola Scientist: ..if that
[8:32] Pooky Amsterdam: im thinking as fast as I can
[8:33] Virtuola Scientist: and what happened during....
[8:33] Hack Richard is Offline
[8:33] Corro Moseley: Lloking at the PetaWave might be an intersting take on that - all the data sources and data sinks
[8:33] Virtuola Scientist: what are the impacts of this change--psychologically & socially
[8:33] Corro Moseley: would also play into the current thoughts of the "stream" rather than the "web"
[8:33] Pooky Amsterdam: mmmm
[8:33] Pooky Amsterdam: innovation
[8:34] Virtuola Scientist: cognitive overload--where is it now? Sure, it's individual, but are there any patterns?
[8:34] Pooky Amsterdam: venture captital
[8:34] Pooky Amsterdam: rate of job creation
[8:34] Arkowitz Jonson: yes!
[8:34] Virtuola Scientist: or lack thereof--recall Korean free tutoring system....
[8:34] Virtuola Scientist: put a lot of private tutors out of buisness
[8:35] Virtuola Scientist: underscores need for "the agile worker"
[8:35] Pooky Amsterdam: the top tier of wealth has grown by over 700% this past eyar
[8:36] Virtuola Scientist: sorry-whose wealth?
[8:36] Virtuola Scientist: chuckle
[8:37] Arkowitz Jonson: yes
[8:37] Pooky Amsterdam: interesting!
[8:38] Theo Outlander: true.. there are 1,000,000 of SL-spheres...
[8:39] Arkowitz Jonson: amen brother
[8:39] Virtuola Scientist is Online
[8:39] Corro Moseley is Online
[8:39] Multi Gadget v1.57.1 by Timeless Prototype
[8:39] Hack Richard is Online
[8:40] Hack Richard: sorry... blue screen this time! ugh
[8:40] Arkowitz Jonson: I am partial o 3d visualization using actual prims
[8:40] Hack Richard: have you all been to David's region?
[8:40] Arkowitz Jonson: rather than viz on a screen
[8:40] Theo Outlander: LOL!
[8:40] Theo Outlander: We noticed that Ben
[8:40] Hack Richard: mica
[8:40] Pooky Amsterdam: mica
[8:41] Hack Richard: yup...
[8:41] Corro Moseley: nice model that
[8:42] Theo Outlander: is this thing on?
[8:42] Theo Outlander: LOL
[8:42] Virtuola Scientist: LOL!
[8:42] Virtuola Scientist: I was wondering too
[8:42] Hack Richard: Observe-Experiment-Collaborate-Manage
[8:42] Hack Richard:
[8:43] Theo Outlander: Yes, I saw the ThinkBalm video of the War Room - outstanding!
[8:44] Theo Outlander: better!
[8:44] Hack Richard:
[8:45] Theo Outlander: Absolutely
[8:45] Hack Richard: learning is a critical part of II
[8:45] Theo Outlander: using a nail gun to beat on a nail...
[8:45] Pooky Amsterdam: enthusing to learn
[8:46] Hack Richard: doing a workshop tomorrow on "Using SL for Teaching" at CU Boulder
[8:46] Arkowitz Jonson: interactive models!!!
[8:46] Hack Richard: for a workshop descirption
[8:47] Virtuola Scientist: simulations can accomplish that too....
[8:47] Hack Richard:
[8:48] Hack Richard: from Theo... Intelligence = actionable information
[8:48] Hack Richard: agree
[8:49] Virtuola Scientist: Absolutely!
[8:49] Pooky Amsterdam: descartes though great philosophers did contribute new ways of framing thought
[8:49] Hack Richard: II = collaboration of learning actionable information in a problem context
[8:50] Pooky Amsterdam: arent we always learning? isnt learning a lifelong journey?
[8:50] Widget Whiteberry is Online
[8:50] Virtuola Scientist: of course, Pooky, but it doesn't happen all in one session....
[8:51] Virtuola Scientist: :-)
[8:51] Hack Richard: BTW... create a closed blog for this group at . Invite all of you as authors. Dump all our stuff there!
[8:51] Pooky Amsterdam: oo love that
[8:52] Hack Richard: learning = discovering the relationships among key factors in complex systems
[8:52] Virtuola Scientist: right, scoping the problem is critical
[8:52] Virtuola Scientist: So, what do we see as a problem we'd like to help solve?
[8:53] Virtuola Scientist: or provide 'a' solution to?
[8:53] Hack Richard: theo... socializing SL, taking SL seriously
[8:54] Arkowitz Jonson: what about visualizing healthcare data
[8:55] Virtuola Scientist: What about visualizing data from SLED?
[8:55] Corro Moseley: SLED might be fun
[8:56] Virtuola Scientist: Hummmm.....
[8:56] Virtuola Scientist: :-)
[8:57] Pooky Amsterdam: should we do something specific- like we could all watch the 3rd man together?
[8:57] Theo Outlander: I'll post it
[8:57] Theo Outlander: not really for me
[8:57] Virtuola Scientist: Good idea to collect what people are saying in our text chat as our SOP
[8:57] Pooky Amsterdam: or go to see the data viz at other sims?
[8:57] Theo Outlander: middle of getting kids to school
[8:57] Theo Outlander: one or two earler would be nice
[8:58] Virtuola Scientist: I'm open Pooky & Theo
[8:58] Arkowitz Jonson: a place where we can build... so we can actually visualize data
[8:58] Virtuola Scientist: I can't make next Tues. --at a conference
[8:58] Theo Outlander: none from me... thanks
[8:58] Corro Moseley: can't make next Tues either
[8:59] Virtuola Scientist: No, not typically for me.
[8:59] Pooky Amsterdam: me
[8:59] Pooky Amsterdam: nyc
[8:59] Corro Moseley: just as bad as any other day :-)
[8:59] Theo Outlander: I'm CA
[8:59] Virtuola Scientist: I'm east coast
[8:59] Hack Richard: colorado
[8:59] Corro Moseley: and time wise not too bad
[8:59] Arkowitz Jonson: we could merge with the wizards' guild; the guild has a meeting every Friday at 11 and has the same mission
[8:59] Virtuola Scientist: Just have a conf next week
[9:00] Pooky Amsterdam: tues am is good for me
[9:00] Hack Richard: :)
[9:00] Virtuola Scientist: Awesome!
[9:00] Virtuola Scientist: :-)
[9:00] Hack Richard: assignment for next week ... what problem to investigate?
[9:01] Arkowitz Jonson: yes get data... with good dimensionality
[9:01] Hack Richard: come up with a few ideas!
[9:01] Arkowitz Jonson: then we can viz it
[9:01] Arkowitz Jonson: bye
[9:01] Pooky Amsterdam: thank you
[9:01] Arkowitz Jonson: this IS my regular day
[9:01] Corro Moseley: good to meet you guy
[9:01] Hack Richard: :)
[9:01] Corro Moseley: s!
[9:01] Hack Richard: TY alll
[9:01] Pooky Amsterdam: very nic eto meet everyone
[9:01] Valiant Westland is Online
[9:01] Arkowitz Jonson is Offline
[9:01] Virtuola Scientist: Likewise, Pooky
[9:01] Pooky Amsterdam: I will besending out a notice for teh show tonigh too
[9:02] Pooky Amsterdam: coem if you can
[9:02] Hack Richard: ty pooky

How we got started

We got started at the professional networking event by ThinkBalm on August 4. See the video by Erica/Sam describing the event. Richard Hackathorn issued an appeal for WANTED: COLLEAGUES to discuss Immersive Intelligence. The suggestion was to meet weekly and see what happens. So, five or so brave souls did the following week...